■Office solutions

Suggestions for office solutions beyond your expectations

By conducting product development and proposing new services, we are aim to optimize the supply of office products for corporations. One of these services is a mail order service for office supplies provided by ASKUL.
According to the category and size of the business, we offer solutions to optimize the purchase efficiency and cost reduction, performing a follow up of the service utilization.
We constantly consider our customers’ points of view and strive to understand their needs with precision. We suggest the optimal solution and endeavor to be helpful to our customers.

Professional group for office solutions

Interman has enjoyed a long relationship with ASKUL forging a very strong alliance which possesses the know-how to optimize purchasing activities with the help of highly qualified professionals.
This is a reason why we have been “chosen by customers as the number 1 Askul agent”.
Additionally, it is because we have provided diversification of purchase channels for customers, introduced support of “next generation office supplies solution” and implemented a one stop purchase system.
Interman, with its strong reliability and technological base, becomes the best possible partner for customers.



SOLOEL is the customers’ store that implements visualization of business purchases, business value improvement, cost saving and process innovation.

Confidential document processing services


Secure collection of financial statements, confidential documents, etc. Crushing, dissolution, decollation and recovery processes. 100% Earth-friendly disposal recycling system.

■Life Solutions

Aroma Green air cleaner

top_in.jpgThe idea that “Cleaning the air of rooms” with the remarkable detergency power of “water”… this is where Aroma Green started.
Aroma Green is an Aroma air cleaner that “purifies the air with the power of water and aroma”
The air cleaner uses water instead of a filter to purify air.
Moreover, the movement of the rotating water and its nice stylish design is a good therapy to heal the hearts and minds of those who use it.
Choose your own aroma perfume to take the path of your own lifestyle!

Air cleaning solution

aroma12.jpgAroma Green absorbs viruses and bacteria contained in air. The mist inside the pot cleans pollution. Also, because this mist is formed of small and extremely light particles, it possesses the special quality to disperse in all directions. Due to this, the air in the room is always kept clean. For this kind of solution we offer Aroma air cleaner. We are also working on producing and developing solutions that we expect will achieve various effects by using this Aroma Green.

■Science Solutions

Use of ecosystem products

Focusing on the unclarified organic acids present in substances of the ecosystem, we elucidate the basics of its nature, the application of the behaviour in nature adapted to various elements and conditions. With this we try to contribute to the development of applied ecology and a comfortable environment.
Our firm is working together with six other firms in the agricultural and fisheries field for research and development, application development and business planning.

What is Organic Acid

An organic acid is an organic compound with acidic properties. The most common organic acids are the carboxylic acids, whose acidity is associated with their carboxyl group –COOH. Sulfonic acids, containing the group –SO2OH, are relatively stronger acids. Alcohols, with –OH, can act as acids but they are usually very weak. The relative stability of the conjugate base of the acid determines its acidity. Other groups can also confer acidity, usually weakly: the thiol group –SH, the enol group, and the phenol group. In biological systems, organic compounds containing these groups are generally referred to as organic acids. (Source - Wikipedia)