『Goods and services to the spirit of science!』

I established “Interman” on the 1st of April, 1991. I named it with the hope of creating a connection between people as well as additional values to life. At that time I was still at university, and in the period until the present day, there were times when achieving this vision seemed to be so far away, as I encountered the struggle between dreams and reality. However, over these years, I feel that I finally started to see the answer to my infinite question “what makes your heart move and what makes your hear beat with excitement?” in my own interpretation. There are three stages in my venture; HOP establishment of existing business, STEP new business we have just started to run, and JUMP our continuous challenge to find and accomplish future potentials. There are times when we might face a big tempest. Moments where might run out of food. At those moments is when we have to HOP to the field , STEP to come back and proceed securing a firm foothold. With the time that our existence allows us, we would like to keep attacking that VISION forever.


Promoting a business with the mission to make office work comfortable.
Having the management system as one, it can be improved thanks to the purchasing management system that askul provides with its office mail order catalog.
Tomando el sistema de gestión como unidad, este puede ser mejorado gracias al sistema de control de compras que ofrece ASKUL como empresa de venta de material de oficina por catálogo.


Our first product was released in 2005. This was the first water-based air purifier sold in Japan.We supplied fulvic acid. We aim to achieve our mission to contribute “enriched” and “peaceful” life to people. With our belief of “For the comfort of customers in various situations”, we will grow and move on to the next business venture.


Our aim is to realize our vision “Magnify, Nurture and Disperse the excitement of discovery and creation” under the slogan of “Goods and services to the spirit of science!”. We will continue promoting our business through various collaborations with an eye not only on Japan but also overseas.

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President and Representative Director SHIGEKI UETABIRA from Kagoshima Prefecture
Established the Company during his university days.

Core Purpose

Communicate the feeling of exitement of discovery and creation, increase and nurture it.

One day, when I went on picnic to an island with my son, we discovered a nodule (fossilized organic matter) on a rock in the foreshore. As we kept scraping off the rock, we found an agglomeration curved like a spine. We were so thrilled that this could be a neck or spine of a dinosaur, and went on digging around it. When the tide came in, we stopped excavation for the day and took a photo placing a coin, besides the spine-like substance. Two days later, we took the photo to a fossil specialist. To investigate its possibility, we all decided to go back to the site and continue excavating. That whole month, from the first discovery until the excavation, we spent everyday feeling so excited with a thrill and a tingle of anticipation, inspired by imagination and discussion about the photo. This “exciting feeling with a thrill and hope” was amplified, nurtured and dispersed to others and about ten of us went back to excavate the site …….

It is said that when discovering new or interesting things, the feelings of excitement and deep emotion are one of the best moments in life.
When you tell someone "Hey! that's good!, it's very interesting!" or when some tells you "That's nice!" produces a feeling of thrill. This feeling makes you want to continue and try to make it bigger and bigger. It is at this point when you come into a new discovery or creation. Starting with just that feeling it is possible that many more will come.

Energy, of which of 4% is contained within stars & galaxies, 23% within dark matter, and 73% within “nullity”.It is believed that nullity has created elementary particles and space.
Humans, from a halfpennyworth part of that 4%, are still tempted to think of the origin of this universe.

In the future, we will witness the further sophistication of civilization, due to the development of scientific technology.It is inevitable that humans will fly from earth further into outer space.

But no matter how much civilization advances, regardless of whether we are an adult or a child, humans retain the excitement of discovery and creation. The passion to magnify, nurture and disperse this exciting feeling is the starting point of Interman’s VISION. In Interman, as a company, we are filled by this feeling of excitement motivating us to continue at anytime and wishing that it can remain in the DNA for future generations.

Core Value

「We realize ideas to make “you” happy」

“You”, not bounded by time axis, refers to customers, company employees, family or any other intelligent life relating to Interman.When I succeed in delivering ingenuity, no matter how small it is, I find such happiness and a sense of caring for those that have made these changes. Even when I can’t deliver such ingenuity to others, it makes me excited to think how deep it will be when I realize the possibilities of an ingenious solution to change someone’s life. I always remember that there are numerous potential excitements of discovery and also creation in every moment of life. I will continue to strive to achieve things that provide happiness for my customers, employees and family.