About Interman

Interman is aiming to be a company that realizes ideas to make “you” happy, no matter how small and trivial the matter is. “You” refers to customers, employees, family or any other intelligent life relating to Interman regardless of the time axis.

[We are looking for]

  • Someone who can make use of their own abilities to solve the problems(Autonomy)
  • Someone with a strong sense of responsibility and cooperation (Responsibility)
  • Someone who can enjoy working with the aiming of higher goals (Ambition)
  • Innovative people (Not conservative)
  • Someone who can respect and enjoy communicating with other people both inside and outside the company.(Talk freely)

Essential reading for those who wish to join (Values based on the core values). Interman's culture is composed of six phases.

1.Inheritance of a corporate culture.

Spread far and wide Interman’s spirit, keeping in mind the future employees.

2.Brightness and Fun to Earn.

Enjoy any kind of job to earn optimally.

3.Added gratification.

Contribution in the team or the company to grow along with the colleagues.

4.Humbleness and Share.

Keep the will to share with everyone with modesty and without embracing oneself.

5.Communication and Information.

Keep greetings as a base allows to enjoy job and private without distinction.

6.Approach to work.

Show creativity to aim to areas no one else has explored. Even with smaller things, aiming to be number one.

[Type of application / Full-time or part-time employees]

Business Divsion
■Sales---Office solutions business planning (proposal of business managing system) --- Tokyo
■Customer service--- Phone customer service, PC input, various business ---Kagoshima

★Business Support
■System planning (business innovation, efficiency and optimization) --- Kagoshima
■Design(Contents,Human interface etc)--- Kagoshima

■ Human resource,Account,Finamce etc.--- Kagoshima


Someone who has motivation and ability regardless of academic background / experience / nationality.

[Important consideration at selection process]

1.Interman's vision can be achieved on the understanding of Core Purpose and Core Value or using one’s potential to be implemented.
2.Be able to share the values based on the core values.

[Work locations]

Kagoshima office - Business center. Close to Kagoshima’s main station.
Tokyo headquarters. 4 minutes on foot from Daimon station
The place of employment will be determined according to the concerned person’s wishes and the business situation.

[Office hours]

From 9:00 to 18:00


Will be decided taking into account the experience and ability of the applicant in accordance with the company’s guidance.


Long term employment / Workers’ compensation insurance / Health insurance, entry in the welfare pension, Health check-up at company’s expenses (if applicable) and transportation fees.


120 days a year according to the calendar system, paid holidays and congratulatory or condolence days.

[Required documents]

Curriculum Vitae, resume showing career and job history (in case of recent graduates attach a self presentation). Self-presentation etc. You can present this in your own style.

[How to apply]

1. Please use the application form in the CONTACT section of this web page
(In the contact form state Ex.: Sales office work - Part time - Tokyo headquarters etc.)
2. After submitting on line please send hard copies of the application documents by mail to the address listed below. (Photograph is required)
*Arrival of above mentioned documents is a prerequisite for information of screening and briefing.
3. After we receive your application documents, we will confirm receipt of these documents.
(Please make enquiries to us through the contact form in this web page if you don’t hear from us within one week after sending the documents.)
4. Only people who are selected for screening will be contacted
(The company information session will be conducted depending on the number of applicants and the period of the year.)
5. First Step (Company’s information, aptitude test) Second step (Interview, etc.)


• The company’s debriefing and interview may be conducted in either Tokyo or Kagoshima.
• Travel expenses for the company information session and interview will not be provided.
• The received documents will not be returned. Information will be kept strictly confidential.
(The information received will only be used for recruitment purposes)

Inquiry:   mail_interman.png

[Access map]


Canse Bldg.6F,
Chuou-cho 10, Kagoshima-shi,
Kagoshima,890-0053, Japan (map

■Tokyo office

Shibadaimon 1-10-18, Minato-ku,
Tokyo,105-0012, Japan (map