About Interman

Interman is aiming to be a company that realizes ideas to make “you” happy, no matter how small and trivial the matter is. “You” refers to customers, employees, family or any other intelligent life relating to Interman regardless of the time axis.

[Company name] 

Interman Corporation


Canse Bldg.6F,Chuou-cho 10,Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima,
890-0053, Japan

■Tokyo office
PMO SHIBADAIMON Bldg.3F,Shibadaimon 1-10-18, Minato-ku,
Tokyo,105-0012, Japan

Doshoumachi 4-7-1-4F,Chuou-ku, Osaka,
541-0045, Japan

Nagamachi 1-1-6-2F,Taihaku-ku, Sendai,
982-0011, Japan


April 1st of 1991


¥ 55.000.000


President and Representative Director SHIGEKI UETABIRA

[Business overview]

◎Contribution to the productivity enhancement and making office work comfortable.
◎Contribution to “Enriched” and “Peaceful” life.
◎Creation and propagation of business based on science technology.


Providing services to over 30.000 companies throughout the country including Governmental offices, Universities and private companies.

[Main supplier] 

Askul, Plus, among others.



[Access map]


Canse Bldg.6F,
Chuou-cho 10, Kagoshima-shi,
Kagoshima,890-0053, Japan (map

■Tokyo office

Shibadaimon 1-10-18, Minato-ku,
Tokyo,105-0012, Japan (map