Interman Corporation (hereunder called “Interman”) realizes that the protection and management of our customer’s information is extremely important in our conducting operations. Therefore we declare the following privacy policy (hereunder called “this policy”) and we will handle our customer’s information accordingly.

Interman Corporation
President and Representative Director SHIGEKI UETABIRA

■Interman Privacy Policy

Established: March 26, 2005
Revised: November 1, 2008

1.The scope applying to Interman’s Privacy Policy

This policy applies to customers who have business with Interman and their information will be managed according to this policy.

2.Collection and usage of customers’ information

Interman may ask for a customer’s information at the time of business transactions or customer questioner surveys.

Interman will use customers’ information for the following purposes. Please note that regarding our reply to our customers’ requests or inquiries, only that particular customer will receive it in principle, however in case of corporative customers, the reply might be addressed to anyone within that corporation.

1.For communication and billing regarding a trade.
2.In order to confirm and contact for the products, delivery and after (maintenance) service of customers’ orders.
3.In order to reply to customers’ requests and inquiries.
4.To send information to customers by phone, mail, home-visit, fax or e-mail.
5.For marketing, customizing, sales promotion or improvement of services.
6.In case there is a need to make contact with a customer.

3.Sharing and disclosure of personal information

Interman will never sell or rent out our customers’ information to a third party outside the business with the customer. Interman might disclose customers’ information in the following cases.

1.In cases where whole or partial handling of customer information were consigned to others within the required range of achieving the above stated purpose of usage.
2.When a partner company who cooperatively works with Interman requires information to complete the trade with customer.
3.In cases where disclosure of information is confirmed as a necessity in order to conduct the trade with customer.
4.Information gained by aggregated calculation or analysis is to be disclosed under anonymous conditions.
5.When we receive official inquiries by public agencies such as police or a court based on the law.
6.In cases where the importance of disclosure is recognized to protect the rights and property of Interman or the 3rd party.
7.In cases where business is inherited due to merger, corporate division, transfer of operation and other reasons.
8.In cases where emergency situations occur and it is necessary to avoid immediate danger towards life, physical and property and others.

4.Revision of Privacy Policy

Interman is constantly evolving. Therefore this policy may be revised without notice. When revision is made, notice of changes will be shown on our web site. Please refer to our latest privacy policy as required. Unless it is stated, the latest privacy policy applies to all information Interman posses regarding customers. Please note that we take no responsibility for problems caused by failure of confirmation.

5. Links to other sites

When a link is provided from Interman’s web-site to other site, we do not take any responsibility for the protection of customers’ information at these sites. We recommend you to check the privacy policy of each site.

6.Disclosure and correction of personal information

In cases where we receive customer’s requests to disclose or amend personal information, Interman will respond rapidly using rational procedures. We might, however need to ask the customer to reimburse the actual expenses incurred by us, within a reasonable range. Furthermore, in cases where there is a record of delayed payment to us, we will respond based on the appropriate regulation.


If you have any questions or complaints regarding this document or Interman’s personal information protection policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at mail_interman-1.png